Shortening the couch – vfx breakdown

I quickly put together a short clip showing VFX breakdown of the Couch ad as I promised in an older post (Telemach Couch ad – production).

You can see parallel videos of source material, finished effects done in Apple Shake application (I am still quicker in Shake because I am using it longer and I didn’t have time to try to do all the effects in Nuke), color correction applied to the clip and the final version with all the supers and logos added.

Telemach couch internet ad – VFX breakdown from Peter Prevec on Vimeo.

If you really want to see at the innards of the Shake file you can click on the next image and see the whole node tree of one shot done in Shake. This is the shot with the couch elongating in it. I also did all the keying, background white room with vignette and shadows under couch in the composition.

Shortening the couch - vfx breakdown (click for full size)

You can also watch all three videos in the Couch campaign below.