Telemach Couch ad – production

I was on a shoot for a Telemach Couch ad last week. The company I work for Baza Media 2.1 was a production company for this ad Saatchi & Saatchi advertising company did for Telemach, television, internet and telephone service provider in Slovenia. I was the designated DOP, camera operator and special effects supervisor all in one. We hired VPK facilities and equipment. They had a special compensation deal with Telemach and so they gave us Sony HDW-750P Cinealta camera, some Kinoflos for the talent lighting, two Arri 5K for the green screen and a 2k blondie for backlight. The quite large but then again too small green screen was difficult to evenly lit with only two lights, the separation from the talent could be larger and the camera noise in the blacks made my quick four days of postproduction for three 17 seconds long ads this week quite difficult. But more on that later.

The ads were quit simple. Three different versions (television, internet, telephone) in each a person or two were surprised buy elongating couch (one seater changing to a two seater) representing more services for the buck from the service provider.

2011 03 03 Telemach IMG 3804

Domen (director) talking to the talent, instructing him on then next move.

2011 03 03 Telemach IMG 3808

Mine is bigger than yours. Martin behind the Canon EOS 5D MarkII.

Canon EOS 5D MarkII was out second camera but we decided that we wouldn’t use it later on, cause it was proving to be more difficult to key its h.264 footage than Sony’s ProRes 422 (HQ).

2011 03 03 Telemach IMG 3812

Camera... rolling... and action.

2011 03 03 Telemach IMG 3815

We were sharing the studio with a set for a famous folk music show Na zdravje.

2011 03 03 Telemach IMG 3820

Girls Nena and Edina were the next talents. It was nice for a change handling some real camera (albeit old) with serious tripod.

2011 03 03 Couch  MG 1201

Domen and Samo (photographer) were giving girls directions. Or were they just seeking their attention.

2011 03 03 Couch  MG 1237

My only not not on tripod shot on an apple box with a sandbag (©2011 Žiga Zupančič).

2011 03 03 Couch  MG 1243

Video village

2011 03 03 Couch  MG 1249

All lights were aimed at the girls.

2011 03 03 Couch  MG 1251

Next time I want green Kinoflos for the green screen.

2011 03 03 Couch  MG 1282

Posing for the camera.

Next time more stories from the post production, special effects difficulties, fast turn around and maybe even finished spot. All depends on the client.