On set of St. Frane monastery

We continued the shoot on Sunday (Sept. 12th). We made a quick stop in center of Šibenik to visid Faust’s museum to take some shots of his statue and a replica of his first parachute.


Faust Vrančić jumps with parachute.

We went to Zadar after that where we recorded a sequence in St. Frane monastery. It was about Faust’s invention of the parachute in his study. The monastery was near the sea and it was beautiful.


Monastery courtyard


The inside was already prepared by set designers. Candles, old books, fruit, various instruments and other props made the atmosphere of Faust era.


Set design was perfect.


We even had a sextant 'cause we were near the sea.


Katarina Prpić from Imago agency helps Mario Petreković buttoning his shirt. Behind them Domen plans the shots. On the right set designer Zvonko Sarić admires his set.


Photoflex Litepanel provided all the light we needed bouncing the light that came from the window back in the room. We were using Canon EOS 7D so a little less light wasn't problematic.


We used Glidetrack on two Manfrotto tripods for slider shots.


I did focus pulling with SGPro follow focus system. Cokin Z-Pro was used as a matte box.


Mario practices his next scene as Domen and another set designer go through some stuff.

Venice shot.jpg

Faust went and tested his parachute in Venice as I tested myself doing rotoscoping.

Ther is a scene near the end of the movie where Faust walks to the Saint Mark’s Square in Venice (Piazza San Marco). We shot him and the wall in front of the monastery and the square was added in postproduction using Apple Shake application.

You can see the whole movie again at this link.

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