Cedric Dumont meets the inventor of parachute

Red Bull posted on its main site a movie Cedric and the inventor of parachute which we filmed this September in Šibenik and Zadar, Croatia. It’s an acted documentary in which Cedric Dumont (B.A.S.E. jumper) comes to Šibenik to meet Faust Vrančić, croatian inventor from the edge of 17th century, who is know to be the first man to build and test the parachute. Having examined Leonardo da Vinci’s rough sketches of a parachute, Veranzio designed a parachute of his own. In 1617, now over sixty-five years old, he tested the parachute by jumping from St Mark’s Campanile in Venice.

Faust Vrančić and his parachute

Cedric and Faust (played by croatian actor Mario Petreković) meet at Medieval fair in Šibenik. This is the only way for past and present to meet to talk about its shared love, parachute.

Cedric and the inventor of parachute

I will post some impressions and photos from the shoot in the next few days.

Update: links to the posts

Faust Vrančić – parachute inventor from Šibenik

On set of St. Frane monastery

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