Crazy Green

Crazy Green was shot all due to the smallness of the Blackmagic Design Pocket Camera. We were on a family trip where I would never bring my FS700 with all the lenses I would need. Pocket Camera with its rig is still small enough to fit into a small camera bag.

2013-10-19 DSC04634

The Schneider-Kreuznach Variogon with a range from 18 to 90mm on a Pocket Camera with a 3x crop factor equals to 54-270mm zoom. That translates to 27-135mm zoom on FS700 with 1,5x crop factor. The closest I can get to this in one lens is Canon 24-105 f/4 or the big Nikon 50-300 F/4,5 with a Speed Booster. But the Schneider is f/2 lens and as such perfect for walking around. It could be a bit wider but that is another story. I really love the flare on this lens as you can see. There are lots of it due to the big from element of the lens.

2013-10-17 DSC04468

Crazy Green flare

It has a not standard front filter diameter of 74mm so I had to add 74 to 77mm step up ring. The use of variable ND is paramount on this camera. Its smaller sensor means smaller depth of fields so you need to be wide open to get as much depth of filed as possible. The lens is old so it is advisable to stop down a bit to get more sharpness. You still get enough DOF as the lens is f/2 and closing it a bit doesn’t hurt much.

I had a monopod and a sandbag on this trip. I must say I don’t like the monopod too much for static shots like this. It is to wobbly. It would be better the have a tripod with me. But that is additional weight I have to carry around. Manfrotto 561BHDV monopod weights 1,9kg. ProPod sandbag is another 1,1kg. At the moment I have two tripods. One is Manfrotto 525 legs with 504 head (5,9kg) and another is Hi-Hat with old 503 head (4,9kg). So I would need a lighter tripod. The 502AM kit is 3,8kg which is a bit more than sandbag and monopod together and a bit less that my two previous tripods.

I shoot the movie in Film mode in ProRes (HQ) as I am eagerly waiting for the raw. It was edited in Final Cut Pro X and colour graded wight the help of LUT Utility and Osiris LUTs. The song is my own Sun raining which I did in GarageBand a long time ago. Enjoy.

UPDATE: The lens had some problems with focusing at infinity on wide end of the lens (wide open), but than I file the cheap C mount to m4/3 adapter I bought on eBay so the lens could screw closer to the camera and now it focuses at infinity at all focal lengths and aperture settings.