No more – Sony Production Awards

I just entered the movie No more to the Sony Production Awards. I recorded the movie  in March last year with the preproduction version of the Sony NEX/FS700 camera that I got to test before it was introduced to the world at last NAB. It was a great experience shooting the movie this fast with the camera that I just got. I had her over the weekend and that was it.

Here is the link to the vote page.

2012-03-31 IMG_4194

Shooting between the beautiful pine trees of Karst country with beautiful Polona and Anže.

2012-03-31 IMG_4330

Thanks to all the crew Polona, Anže, Tjaša and Dino and of course my love Irena for the voice over in the finished movie.

I wanted to test the new car mount rig, my friend Polona got the car over the weekend and Sony wanted me to test its new FS700 camera. Why not combine all this things in one story. No slow motions, just a couple of friends, nice car and some romance. I did try the car rig before to check good mounting points on the car, I went to check the locations for our shoot, so when the day arrived we were prepared.

I mainly used the new lens from SLR Magic HiperPrime CINE T0.95 for the romantic scenes as it is perfect for this kind of stuff. Soft backgrounds, creamy bokeh. The lens was also very kind to the skin. I really enjoyed working with it. I put an old lens gear from shoot35 on the lens as the lens has quite small radius and using zip gears from Half Inch Rails wouldn’t be enough for Genus Follow Focus to make contact with the lens. I also used Fader ND on the lens for finer control of the exposure in relation with the build in NDs. SmallHD DP4 EVF helped me with the critical focus on razor thin depth of filed as everything was shot at T0.95. The camera was rigged on Half Inch Rails S2 Run ‘n’ Gun rig and placed on the new Manfrotto 504HD head which performed perfectly.

It is obligatory to register to be able to vote and the page is not performing great. It is sometimes unresponsive, but I would be really grateful if you could make the effort to register and vote.

The movie is at the moment 21st of 149 in the Creative category. But I need a few more votes to win so please share with your friends too after you vote. Thanks again and be patient with the unpleasant registration process.

Here is the link to the vote page.