Flare away

Another week, another fashion shoot. I collaborated again with Tereza (Teresamisu) and photographer Žiga for a blog post about fashion show Bon Voyage to design the lights for the shoot. Tereza picked 9 dresses which Žiga took photos of and they will be commented on on her blog. Of course I had my small Sony NEX-5N with SLR Magic HyperPrime CINE T0.95 50mm with me to take some photos for myself too. The lighting was set as such to be shot from one location only as there was a spot light directly behind models head. We also had very little time to shoot so I had to be as non disruptive as I could be. I knew my HyperPrime has nice flare so I used this light to add a little colour flare to the photos which I took from the side where I wasn’t in a way.

2013-03-13 DSC05302 - Version 3

The colour of the spot light and the flare added a hint of blue colour to the brown eyes of lovely Ami.

2013-03-13 DSC05329 - Version 2

Ksenja looking strict. Like the spot wasn’t behind her but in front pointed directly into her eyes.

2013-03-13 DSC05319 - Version 2

The woollen cap on Ajla kind of gives you the feel of cold winter and the spot behind a low winter sun warming her.

2013-03-13 DSC05341 - Version 2

I really think the photos of Ami turned out as my favourite. She looks really playful on them like she is really enjoying.

2013-03-13 DSC05362 - Version 2

Tereza had the most beautiful eyes of them all and I like how they match the colour of the flare.

2013-03-13 DSC05358 - Version 2

2013-03-13 DSC05378 - Version 2

I really like the colour palette of this photo. Hair, skin and dress in beige, and again the lovely eyes matching the colour of the blue light and the flare.

2013-03-13 DSC05296

Žiga checking the photos. It was very difficult for him as he had to be in sync with the model all the time so that her head covered the backlight spot at all times. Designers Ema Bavcom, Eva Jančar Kalan in Saša Nemec checking that their creations looked their best on the models. Ami waiting for her turn.

2013-03-13 DSC05320

This was the setup. The hall where we shoot was very narrow. I used two 800W lights diffused with 1x2m frame on the left and 1000W light with soft box top right on the boom stand. Directly behind the model was 500w fresnel spot.

2013-03-13 DSC05332

Lights were stretching towards the centre of the hallway which was troublesome for photographer as they were constantly in the way.

2013-03-13 DSC05352

This was kind of perspective of the photographer. Lots of doors on both sides meant lots of corrections in the post. I’m glad I didn’t have to take photos in portrait orientation as I don’t like them like that. I prefer my photos in landscape orientation like movies that is why I cropped them to 1:1.78.