Alice in Wonderland

I have been recently asked to be a director of photography on a photo shoot for a Teresamisu blog. It was Mardi Gras or Fat Tuesday and the theme was Alice in Wonderland. She wanted to create a costume using only Slovenian designers and artists. You can find more details about the artists involved in her blog post.

2013-02-12 DSC03836

I was recently testing lots of different CFL lighting options and started hating them after I found out there are many color inconsistencies between lightbulbs. To equalise them all to the same color temperature would require a color meter and lots of time and correction filters. I hoped that the same brand of lights would have the same temperature but they hadn’t. So I was back on open tungsten lights that bring the best bang for the buck. I had a few from before. Ianiro 1000w Red Head, Minispot Fresnel 500w, Cosmolight 2000W and Photoflex 1000w with softbox and grid. I got another pair of 800W Red Heads with softboxes and dimmers and that was it. Another important piece of equipment was boom stand to place a light directly over the head.

2013-02-12 DSC03830

I mainly set up the lights and wait for photographer Žiga Zupančič to do its job but I couldn’t just sit still so I took a few photos of my own with Sony NEX-5N and did a few shots with Sony NEX-FS700. The two lenses I used were spectacular SLR Magic HyperPrime CINE T0.95 50mm and 35mm. They were perfect for the job as you can see from the photos and video. Creamy backgrounds, shape, shallow depth of field. The things you would expect from lenses this fast.

2013-02-12 DSC03860

2013-02-12 DSC03870

2013-02-12 DSC03882

2013-02-12 DSC03887

2013-02-12 DSC03825

2013-02-12 DSC03850

2013-02-12 DSC03910

Alice in Wonderland from Peter Prevec on Vimeo.