Building a rig

After I bought a Sony NEX-5N camera I wanted to build a rig that could support this small camera and make it useable in bigger productions and also one that could be used with a bigger FS100 camera that we have at work.

The first thing I bought was Manfrotto 561BHDV monopod. With it I could have a smallest stable news gathering kit possible. If serious sound wasn’t needed that is the smallest stable kit to carry around with me all the time. Monopod isn’t the smallest one but it has a decent head (701HDV). I also always use Fader ND on the lens so that I can leave the aperture wide open and to keep the shutter in the 180º rule (1/50s for 25fps and 1/100s for high speed 50fps).

IMG 0305

Smallest stable video recording kit here with Nikon lens and Fader ND.

Next thing I bought was a audio recorder Tascam DR-100 to use it as a dual-system audio because NEX-5N has no audio inputs so you need something more serious to capture good quality sound. When using with FS100 this recorder is unnecessary, because the camera already has XLR inputs, but it would also be very handy combined with an accessory described later down the post.

2011 09 27 IMG 6693

Tascam DR-100

Next thing was the rig itself. After many decision making evenings I decided to choose a Half Inch Rails rig from British below cameraman Sam Morgan Moore. I bought a Rig RnG S2 15mm that can be adjusted to my needs. It offers great flexibility and with addition of other parts creates countless possibilities that suits every mans needs.

2011 10 21 IMG 6914

Here is the Sony NEX-5N camera with Nikon glass, SGPro follow focus, and Half Inch Rails Run 'n' Gun S2 rig in my favorite small setup.

2011 09 30 IMG 6700

Here is the rig in shoulder mount setup waiting for monitor and camera. You can also see double-system audio w/ Røde NTG-2 microphone.

Next I needed a HDMI monitor. I want it to be the right size. Small enough to carry it around on difficult locations and big enough so that I can focus easily with it. SmallHD DP4 EVF fell into this category. Small enough to be used as a EVF and big enough to be used as a monitor. Perfect for handheld or shoulder mounted and of course useful even in studio situations. I can’t set enough great stuff about them. Their support is fast and helpful. They really want to satisfy their costumers and they respond to our needs.

2011 10 03 IMG 6706

Boxes full of SmallHD.

2011 10 05 DSC01304

Here is me using the Sony FS100 w/ SmallHD DP4 on difficult location in the canyon of river Soča filming for Red Bull.

2011 10 19 DSC03515

Fully rigged FS100 w/ HIR S2 rig and SmallHD DP4 EVF filming a broadcast commercial for Telemach.

2011 10 26 IMG 6929

Half inch rails Shoulder Pads. They make for a cofortable shoulder mount while being super compact and low profile.

2011 11 20 D2N 5729

Another photo of a fully rigged FS100 ready to be picked up for some shoulder action. The boy is my intern, learning to be the best filmmaker ever. (:

2011 11 20 D2N 5835

The same setup minus the tripod, shoulder mounted. Nice looking girl in the car is the boys mum checking on how I treat my interns.

Last thing I bought was something I always wanted to have since I saw a Wim Wenders movie Lisbon Story about a sound engineer Phillip Winter trying to help his director friend recording sound for his silent movie about Lisbon. The movie also has great soundtrack by Madredeus.

2011 10 26 IMG 6930

Big package from CVP.

2011 10 28 DSC03788

My girl was very happy with the contents of the box as was I.

2011 10 27 DSC03734

My very own Røde boom pole, Røde Blimp windshield and a Dead Wombat. It's a great companion with the Tascam DR-100 for recording location sound.