Red Bull Pležuh 4 cross

Update: Added movie at the end.

Yesterday was another energy day. Red Bull Pležuh 4cross Pohorje (Maribor, Slovenia). Pležuh is a 200 year old traditional snow transportation device from Selnica, north east part of Slovenia. It is simply one ski with a seat and a couple of handlebars. And yesterday it was used for the first time for a modern 4 cross downhill race.

IMG 3750

Technical specs for racing pležuh

IMG 3731

The race track had nine turns and one kicker. Warm weather made the snow difficult for skiing.

IMG 3733

Start line

IMG 3754

There was lots of overturns and crashes. No injuries though.

IMG 3756

Finish line

IMG 3757

Battle of pležuhs

IMG 3758

Last jump

The race  is finished, news cut was send to the stations, now all we have to do is edit a five minute clip and do some color corrections. It is one o’clock after midnight and I’m signing out.

I will post the link to the video later this week when it will be online on Red Bull’s site.

Update: Movie down below.