Preparations for the big DSLR test

I finally managed to get four Canon and two Nikon DSLR bodies for this weekend so I can compare their video capabilities as I mentioned here and I build a special video head adapter for this occasion that can carry six bodies at the same time.

I planned to get Canon EOS 1D Mark IV, 5D Mark II, 7D, 550D and Nikon D3s, D300s. I need also 50mm f/1.4 for every camera to test them all with the same lenses but I am still one short for Canon, so if you know someone that can lend me one please let me know, or else I will use f/1.8 for one body.

My friend Maja will be my model for the test and we went to do some preliminary photography tests searching for poppy fields in Slovenia. I heard there are poppy fileds at Mengeš fields, but the poppies were scarce. We finally find them hiding in a wheat field and we did the first shooting.

Lovely Maja in the poppy field (©2010 Peter Prevec)

I used Nikon SB-800 through umbrella for the lighting (©2010 Peter Prevec)

We stopped searching for the poppy fields (but if you know for one in or near Slovenia let me know) and went to Dolenjska region and did some shots in the wheat fields.

Hiding in wheat (©2010 Peter Prevec)

Caressing the soft wheat (©2010 Peter Prevec)

Another lighting setup (©2010 Peter Prevec)

I”ll go and search for more locations this afternoon to prepare myself and than when the weekend comes… action.

Slovenski prevod vpisa najdete na tem naslovu.