Improvised studio

I finally fixed Manfrotto studio background support system to the wall in the big room*. I avoided the procedure as much as I could, because I live in an old house apartment that has walls made out of concrete and stone instead of bricks that are easy to drill into and that is why it is hard to make holes where planned. But because I’m lucky I made it. Maybe I should start to play lotto. The location on the wall wasn’t the most appropriate. Under it was couch and a bed. But it was the best wall in the apartment. I have enough place to move the camera as far as I can from the background (through the door, pass the washing machine to the other room). Unfortunately I have only one drive set for the rolls (now you know what to buy me the next time – Manfrotto Expan 046), so I have only one roll of paper hung on the wall (I was listening to Tindersticks as I was writing this), but there are dozen different colour ones waiting in the corner.

Improviziran studio v dnevni sobi nad kavčem in v spalnici nad posteljo

Improvised studio in the living room above couch and in the bed room above the bed.

Studio osvetljuje 1000W Photoflex luč na Manfrotto stojalu

There is a 1000W Photoflex light with softbox on a Manfrotto stand in the studio.

Prva stranka v studiu

First customer in the studio.

Stranki je bila fotografija tako všeč, da je naročila še eno

Client was so impressed with the picture, that he ordered another one.

Now you know, that there is a improvised studio in Rose Valley (Ljubljana, Slovenia), where you can get pictures for the fireplace. If you would like whole figure photos, please let me know in advance so I can move the bed. See you there.

* Everybody who knows my apartment knows that I only have two rooms. One big and one a little less big.

Slovenski prevod vpisa najdete na tej povezavi.