Time Machine – Videospotnice – Making of Sanje


Power Macintosh G4

At the end of last year I got from a friend Jana PowerMac G4 (PCI Graphics) 350MHz processor made in 1999, sold new for $1599. I decided that this Mac won’t go directly on the shelfs of my museum, but will be used instead standing in the corner of the room waiting for my order.


Apple museum in Rose Valley

So I installed Mac OS X 10.3.9 Panther Server to use it also as file server. It had two 120 GB drives in it, so 240 GB is enough for quite some data. I had an old video card in the drawer, Miro / Pinnacle DC30, which made possible to capture analogue signal from VHS recorder. I found drivers for Mac OS X and start searching for a NLE application.


Its not only the worlds most powerful personal computer, it's also the most... open minded. Presenting the all new Power Macintosh G4.

On my current mac I use Final Cut Pro so I wanted to install in also on the old one. But unfortunately hardware and software were too old, so I had to search for older versions of the app. It turned out that the highest version that would work was Final Cut Pro 3.0.2.


Final Cut Pro 3.0.2

I installed the app, hook up TV set and VHS recorder and start looking for the tapes to capture. That is how I found a tape from 2004, which had on a show called Videospotnice, the show that played Slovenian music videos. And this part had in it the Making of a music video Sanje (Dreams) played by Urban, which was made under my directions. You can see below how we did it below. Unfortunately the video is in Slovenian language with no subtitles, but you can look at it anyway and see how silly my haircut was back in 2003 when we record this clip. 



Here is also the final version of the clip and if you want to see the lyrics you can look below and sing along. 


Urban: Sanje (Dreams – not oficial transtation by the author)

Včasih bil nor sem, (Sometimes I was crazy)
na potovanje v novo stanje, (for traveling to new states)
sam, da premakne se ta že hiba. (I just wanted to get rid of my imperfection)

Pa so prepričal me, (And so they convinced me)
da obstaja, (that there is a chance)
možnost da nogo prtisnem do kraja, (to press the foot all the way)
prtisnem do kraja. (all the way to the end)

In nej zdej pozabm na sanje? (Should I now forget about the dreams)
Pozabm da svet so, (forget that they are the world)
prtisnem se v sranje, (and push my self to shit)
prtisnem se v sranje. (and push my self to shit)

In zdej že čutm, da mi že klika, (I can fell inside me)
zadnja stopinja, pot do dotika. (last step on the way to the touch)
Se moj svet mi odmika? (is my world going further away)

In zdej že slišm pametne fraze, (I can hear smart talk) 
slutm, da konec zadnje je faze. (and I sense that it’s the end of final phase)
Dej prosm tolaž me! (Please, comfort me)

In nej zdej pozabm na sanje? (Should I now forget about the dreams)
Pozabm da svet so, (forget that they are the world)
prtisnem se v sranje, (and push my self to shit)
prtisnem se v sranje. (and push my self to shit)

P.s.: I hope that Urban will not be too upset with this translation.

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