El Niño is calming down!

It was a last filming day for Raging El Niño on tuesday (Oct 28).

We need to record an apartment scene, which we did at Jure and Petra in Komenda. It was decided that we will do that alone. Only Jure and me and that was a lot easier to coordinate.

We got together at 8 am. Petra was at home to, but she just occasionally looked on the set.

After morning coffee I started to prepare the lights. I had to light only two rooms, so everything was really simple. I set them so that it looked like the morning light is coming through the window and that was it.

The bathroom was more troublesome, because of the mirror and the reflections in it. I had to be careful so I didn’t see the lights or the stands or me in the reflection. We finished at 12 am and I went back to work.

This time there was no photographer on the set, so I made some quick shots.

Devil in disguise!

Jure had to make an effort to ruin his haircut, so that it looked like "Out of bed" look.

Born to be an actor!

It's a wrap!

There was quite a few equipment on the corridor.