Hamo & Tribute 2 Love – Gospa Magister

I rarely shoot music videos, but was invited to do one with director Nikolaj Vodošek for the song Gospa Magister (Mrs. Magister) by Hamo & Tribute 2 Love. We all know each other from before so this was a project between friends. The band entrusted everything to the director who envisioned the music video and I helped him to fulfil his vision (see video at the end of this post).

The idea was to show Hamo (frontman) together with the beautiful mysterious girl in various situations on various sets. We had three options. First was an actual set or more of them with different wallpapers. The second one was a green screen shoot. We opted for the best one regarding budget options. Set with a rear projection screen and a powerful Barco projector and real props.


The main light was lots of top theatre lights (we shot it in SiTi teater – small theatre) diffused through 2x2m Photoflex Lite Panel with a few lights diffused and bounced from the front for the faces.


Barco rear projection provided the natural vignette on the background but not on the talent or the set, so it was better looking than if we just applied it in the post.


Hamo (frontman), Nikolaj Vodošek (director) and me checking the shots behind Sony NEX-FS700 w/ big Angenieux 20-120 T3 zoom and Odyssey7Q recorder (video was shot in 4K ProRes).


One of the shots was a top down shot of Hamo being shot by the girl. We didn’t have much time and people to help so I decided agains a jib shot and opted for a wide 4K shot with a slight zoom and rotation done in post. If we had more top down shots I would choose the jib. Zoja making her final corrections before the shoot.




Foto: Marko Alpner / Alpner.com