The far side camera and lens tests

The test was made for the upcoming movie The far side by Edina Dyachenko and lovely lead actress Vesna Kuzmič. I tested skin tones at various white balance settings using different light sources, which exposure values are the best when shooting SLog2 and difference when using 1/1 and 1/2 white diffusion on key light. Ate the end there is a test how polariser filter affects skin tones.

Shot on Sony FS700 camera and Odyssey7Q recorder at 4K ProRes LT w/ SLR Magic HyperPrime CINE 35mm. Added SLog3SGamut3.CineToSLog2-709.cube LUT in Final Cut Pro X w/ LUT Utility.

Here I used Angenieux 20-120 T3 zoom lens to do a focal length test for her face, shot angles test, skin colour test and tint test for the camera.

Photos from the shoot


Diffused key light with a bounce and a different light for the background (using F&V Lights K4000 LEDs)


Soft key light from behind with just a little fill from the front (white balance of the key light and the fill is the same that way).


A little DIY project. 1x1m grid for the diffusion frame. You can see on the cupboard near the frame how it affects the spill.