Hotel Palace Show

Here is the result of my raw shoot with FS700. As I only have one 512GB card on remote location without the reader so I didn’t only shoot 4k to conserve some space. I shot mostly 2k at 200fps and some 4k shots at 100fps.

2013-07-08 DSC01063 C

After I checked the footage in RAW Viewer I exported the footage as SStP SR-Lite 422 (HDCAM-SR Lite 422 1080p25) 10bit codec which I than imported into Final Cut Pro X for editing (I needed SR Plug-In to be able to play the footage). I wanted to do a colour grade in DaVinci Resolve but FS700 Sony raw is not supported in 9.1.5 version of Resolve (next version 10 should have support for raw). The only option to do a grade in Resolve is an export to DPX which means large files (one 4k frame is 53MB) so I didn’t converted everything yet. In the future I plan to conform this edit to 2k and 4k where appropriate and properly grade it in Resolve.

The camera still suffers for it’s horrible purple fringing in some highlight areas and you can get some ugly artefacts but in think using 4k resolution of the sensor makes it a little less prone to it. I like the enhanced dynamic range and greater ability to grade that raw brings and I can hardly wait the time to have 4k raw option of my own.


I wanted to use the music of my favourite band but I still didn’t hear from them or the label at the moment so I had to write something on my own. I started with  GarageBand on iPad and than continued on the computer and I ‘m quite happy with the result especially as composing music is not my primary profession.

You can also download two 2k and two 4k files so that you can try colour grading for yourself. 4k files are a bit shorter as they are much bigger in size. Please attribute this blog ( if you post your own grades anywhere and send me a link to my twitter.

A004C020_120109AB 4K raw footage (508MB)

A004C053_12010957 4K raw footage (285MB)

A004C013_1201095X 2k raw footage (342MB)

A004C044_120109O2 2k raw footage (230MB)