Fizzy drinks – shot on Sony NEX-FS700

I had a few ARRIsun HMI lights in my trunk from previous shoot that were paid until morning. I didn’t want them go to waste. It was 1 a.m. of the last day with the Sony NEX-FS700 as I only had the camera until morning. So I said to myself why not try to shoot some more slow motions. This time, the all known super slow motion shots of pouring drinks. I quickly set up one ARRIsun 18, an 18kW 1.8kW flicker free HMI, in my dining room with some black background, put Sony’s 50mm f/1.8 OSS lens on the camera to test it too and start shooting. Everything was shot at 200fps and you can see some flicker on some of the water drops shots. Don’t ask me why. Later I kind of said to myself that it would be easier to shoot everything with somewhat closed aperture, not fully open at f/1.8, as it would still leave me enough depth of field and I had enough light, but what was done was done. I kind of fell in love in the HMIs and now I’m already looking where to get some cheap ones.

Røde NTG-2, Tascam DR-100 and my beautiful girlfriend, who kept the baby silent, helped me record the foley.

As it was late and I had a really tough weekend behind me I had quickly finished, but I think I got enough footage for another movie. Some will say it is still too long again, but I kept it below 2 minutes this time. (: Enjoy!

All photos were taken with an iPhone.