FS100 after three months of use

I think it is fair to mention some of the projects we did with the new Sony NEX-FS100 camera at Baza Media 2.1. Camera is performing quite o.k. for now. No new quirks were found next to those already observed in first impressions post. I am still worried about build quality a bit. This camera is not build to last. And for now nothing is broken but some small screw on the handle. We will know more in the future.

2011 06 17 IMG 5838

Rising slider™ shot

2011 06 17 IMG 5840

Cokin gradient filters for the Top Gear look

2011 07 15 IMG 6044

Midget cam

First project was a car show Makine, presenting the new Volkswagen Jetta 1.2 TSI. Also used Canon 5D MkII.

2011 06 22 IMG 5871

Camera was also used for screen capturing Skype call with Moscow correspondent Andrej Stopar.

2011 06 26 IMG 5917

Doing some low light tests with Nikon glass.

As soon as I got the Nikon lens adapter I did some tests which I still have to put together and present is some future post.

2011 07 07 FS100 D2N 1136

Spying on my neighbors house which happen to be a residence of Macedonian embassy.

I was actually doing some comparison tests between Nikon and Canon glass and also between 5D and FS100 resolution. This will also be mentioned in details in some future post.

2011 06 27 IMG 5927

Slow motion recording of underwater hockey.

2011 06 27 IMG 5933

Nikon AF-S DX NIKKOR 35mm f/1.8G is a perfect interview lens for low light shallow depth of field situations.

You can get the Nikon AF-S DX NIKKOR 35mm f/1.8G lens for very cheap on Amazon and is perfect for interviews and other low light situations.

2011 07 29 IMG 6123

Special equipment cart with our own valet.

2011 07 29 IMG 6129

This time we used Canon adapter.

Canon lens adapter is somewhat stupid cause it doesn’t have an option to change aperture but for this price it is perfect. And the lens being wide open was never any serious problem. [wink] And if you need to bring the light levels down you just use a Fader ND filter.

2011 07 29 IMG 6131

Erazem Lorbek acting his lines.

2011 08 08 IMG 6252

Žile acting as selector placing a call to two Slovenian team players in a Telemach ad.

2011 08 17 IMG 6408

Erazem Lorbek, photographer Samo Vidic, Goran Dragić and photo assistant

2011 08 17 IMG 6423

Edo Murić in the middle of beautiful nature

2011 08 17 IMG 6424

Wide angle of the location for Spar commercials

2011 08 17 IMG 6429

Goran Jagodnik thinking about his lines

2011 08 17 IMG 6432

Uroš Slokar against the crew

Commercials for Spar were recorded in a quickly manner with reflectors only in Kranjska Gora. Kit lens was used on FS100.