iPhone location tracking

Much was written these days about iPhone storage of imprecise cell phone tower location data in a file that is backed up onto your computer. Shock about the news that Apple is spying on us spread through the internet fast. I won’t dwell much on this topic but will only link (look at the end of the post) to some pages that have more written about the topic if you are interested.

My post will take advantage to present you with the location data that my iPhone 3GS and recently bought iPad 2 collected from Jun 24th 2010 (of course my iPad 2 only collected data from Apr 13th 2011) in connection to my traveling around making various movies.

This is the movie playing back my movement first zoomed out over whole Europe and in the second part over my country Slovenia.

Location Data

Mousover for iPad view. Trip over Germany was done with iPhone and iPad together at the same time. See the difference of location data capture. End location near Köln is practically the same but the way there is very different.

iPhone - Slovenia region (click for larger view)

A day in Bad Kleinkirchheim – top left dots over the Austrian border

Coop story – bottom left dots near the seaside

My home town Ljubljana (click for larger view)

Trip to Bosnia and Hercegovina - Red Bull Cliff Diving Activation Neretva

Red Bull Cliff Diving Activation Neretva

Tirana, Albania - Red Bull Bo 105 helicopter show

Flight with Alouette III helicopter

Indjija, Serbia - Metal Cinkara ad

Metal Cinkara ad with Serbian basketball team

Trip to Croatian coastline - Cedric Dumont meets the inventor of parachute

Cedric Dumont meets the inventor of parachute

Link  to some pages that have more written about the topic if you are interested:

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