Red Bull Open Ice 2011

Let me tell you with some delay how it was on Red Bull Open Ice 2011 Rakitna. Event was scheduled to happen on February 5th on the lake Rakitna. Actually it was originally scheduled two weeks before in Ljubljana on Koseški bajer but it was too warm for the ice to form  thick enough. Rakitna is located higher and the climate is colder here but warm weather changed the event from ice hockey to hockey on water. Every play field  was heavy damaged after every game and the organizers were working hard to enable the smooth course of the game.

2011 02 05 Open Ice Rakitna D2N 9999

We are getting some slider shots near the goal for the clip (Domen Smerdel in yellow and photographer Samo Vidic)

IMG 3683

I was the designated crane operator.

We used home made crane from the guys at and I was the crane operator. I had some hard times recording with it cause I had no external monitor and had to see the action on the monitor on the camera which was difficult to see in both highest and lowest position of the crane because of its angle. The other obstacle was blinding sun which prevented me to see the monitor at all.

But that was not all. We also didn’t have remote triggering for the camera so I had to lower the camera every time, go to the front, press record, go back, set the framing, record the shot, lowered the camera and press stop. Every time. This was no workflow for action shots during game. Nonetheless I got some great shots of scoring goals in slow motion so I didn’t feel so useless.

IMG 3682

Crane was also used for some jib shots.

2011 02 05 Open Ice Rakitna D2N 0014


2011 02 05 Open Ice Rakitna D2N 0027

And again. I really had some luck with deciding behind which goal to stand.

IMG 3661

IMG 3668

Pucks were flying all over and you had to be careful.

You can see the whole clip streaming from Red Bull’s official site below.