Faust Vrančić – parachute inventor from Šibenik

I finally found some time to write about the making of the movie Red Bull Cedric Dumont meets the inventor of parachutes, which we filmed in September this year in windy Šibenik, Croatia. The way there deserves its own post so I will write about it some other day. I can only say that it was very windy as you can see on the photos below.

2010-09-10 Trip to Sibenik IMG_7413.jpg

Strong winds on the way to the Šibenik, Croatia.

2010-09-10 Trip to Sibenik IMG_7467.jpg

On the next exit after the turned over trailer they closed the highway and we were detoured to the local roads.

On Saturday we went to the fortress above the city and started to shoot the interviews with B.A.S.E. jumper Cedric Dumont. It was windy up there, which was difficult for sound recording, but we were more concerned with the wind in relation with the jump. In case the wind was to strong the jump would be cancelled.


Rooftops over Šibenik from hotel Jadran in the center.


Our team on top of fortress: Šibenik turist center representative, Ruža Novak (Imago), Domen Smerdel (Baza Media 2.1), Cedric Dumont (Red Bull B.A.S.E. jumper), Krešimir Krišto (Red Bull)


A view from the fortress.


Domen and Cedric stand on the edge during recording, while Martin holds the reflector.


One of the production cameras was also Sony PMW-EX1.

After we did the interviews, we went to the city where we filmed the scene in which Cedric looks for Faust Vrančić’s birth house. We walked the narrow streets looking for interesting houses and details. We filmed with Canon EOS 7D (B&H link) on Glidetrack slider and Manfrotto tripod (B&H link). We used Canon EF 24-105mm f/4 L IS USMB&H link with Shoot 35 FLEXIgear Lens Gears and Follow Focus..


Cedric is looking for Fausta Vrančić's house.

Later we went through the city and shoot announcement presented by croatian actor Mario Petreković as Faust Vrančić. I didn’t tell you that there was an annual medieval fair in Šibenik that weekend so we had a perfect opportunity to shoot historical enactment of parachute invention.


Martin was following Mario Petreković with Glidecam Smooth Shooter all over city.


Mario as Faust climbed the cannon in front of St. Nikolas fortress announcing the jump.


The city was full of fair maidens, drummers and soldiers.


Another Glidetrack setup on the stairs. Manfrotto tripod on one side with the Pro Pod on the rail on the other side and a bunch of lovely Red Bull promotors in the back.

We went to lunch afterwards. There we had to take decision about the jump, because it was time to leave for the airport to prepare for the jump. I was supposed to setup the cameras on the plane to record the takeoff. Half way to the Zadar airport we decided to cancel the jump because the wind was to gusty. We went back to record the missing shots.


The moment of truth. Cedric decided that it is to dangerous to jump.


When we came back the other crew still shot some fillers so Cedric went to practiced some longbow shooting and entertaining the fair maidens.


The sun was slowly setting behind the St. Jakov cathedral so we had to hurry.


The last thing we shoot was another interview with Cedric in which he described the day and the history of parachutes.

When the day finished we  had all the shots where we needed Cedric in, who was leaving early next morning. Next day we filmed in Zadar but this is for another post in which I will tell you about the scenes where Faust invents the parachute and goes to Venice to test it.

You can see the movie at this link.

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