A day in Bad Kleinkirchheim

I was visiting my relatives in Bad Kleinkirchheim, Austria, at the beginning of the month. They had rented a beautiful mountain house there. The nature was beautiful, weather was wild. Clouds were flying over the sky, disappearing and reappearing. Nockberge national park inspired me early morning, when I did my first time-lapse from the balcony. Morning mist and sun rays lighting the valley.


Our house is on the left

Later that morning we went from St. Oswald which is near Bad Kleinkirchheim with a lift on top of Brunnach (1908m), where I did the rest of the time-lapses. Up here is also the Brunnach lake which is used a winter for snow cannons.

2010-08-06 Bad Kleinkirchheim D2N_9293.jpg

Brunnach panorama restaurant Nock-In at height 1908m with Brunnach artificial lake

I used Nikon D200 with MC-36 remote. For one moving shot I used Mizar Optical KD motor mount. I fixed it to the rail with Manfrotto Super Clamp. This shot is slightly shaky ’cause the wind was blowing hard.


Nikon D200, 17-55mm f/2.8 lens, Mizar KD Mount, Nikon MC-36 remote and Manfrotto Super Clamp


12V lead battery and mount remote were placed on the bench next to the backpack

I did the rainbow shot late that evening again from the balcony. I forgot to turned of autofocus so there is some focus searching in the shot.

I used Aperture to process the RAW files, exported them in HD resolution and merged them to movie files in QuickTime. I edited them in Final Cut Pro and color corrected in Color. The music was put together in Soundtrack using ambient loops and bird sounds. I had to remove flicker from the 270º shot. For that I used FurnaceCore (DeFlicker) from the Foundry.

I hope you will enjoy watching the movie.

A day in Bad Kleinkirchheim from Peter Prevec on Vimeo.

I decided to use Vimeo this time because I don’t like the legality politic on YouTube. They turned of on of my videos, television clip that had more than 85% of my own footage. The rest were their TV show presenters. But more on that on some other occasion.

Slovenski prevod vpisa si lahko ogledate na tem naslovu.