Two disks in MacBook Pro

I finally decided to upgrade my one year old MacBook Pro. I replaced SuperDrive for anothe disk. I ordered OptiBay from USA. For 200€ (99$ unit, 70$ shipping, 60€ customs) they send you an adapter for the disk that you put inside the Mac in place of SuperDrive which you can put in a external USB enclosure.


Package contained disk adapter, screwdriver, USB cables, USB enclosure and CD with manual

Replacing the unit wasn’t difficult. You follow instructions and where the failed you follow your common sense. I had some problems with puting the SuperDrive in an external enclosure, as there are no instructions for that, but not much.


Replacing the optical unit is not so difficult


I just have to install all applications again

I want a clean install so I have to install all the applications again. In the future I will replace the disk for a faster SSD, but their prices need to come down a bit.

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