Red Bull Cliff Diving Activation Neretva

The location next day (July 7th) wasn’t as difficult as the one the day before. We were further down Neretva, where the river is wider and slower. The cliff was next to the road on the other bank. We first did the interviews. As we wanted to have a crane at the top of the cliff we did some preliminary tests on the ground.

2010-07-07 Cliff Search Neretva IMG_1452.jpg

Testing the improvised crane

2010-07-07 Cliff Search Neretva IMG_1453.jpg

The full lenght of the crane (Manfrotto tripod, Super Clamp, monopod, counterbalance and Canon 5D MkII)

Then we sat in the boats and drove on the other side. The climbing wasn’t difficult as we had some climbing gear to help and protect us (Petzl Jumar).  When we came up we hauled up our equipment with ropes.

2010-07-07 Cliff Search Neretva IMG_1455.jpg

Looking at the jump site

2010-07-07 Cliff Search Neretva IMG_1458.jpg

Carabiners, ropes and Jumar helped me to the top

I pieced together the crane at the top and placed it on the edge. It was difficult to handle cause I didn’t have a display to monitor my crane moves. The jumps were also sparse so I couldn’t practice the camera movement.

2010-07-07 Cliff Search Neretva IMG_1461.jpg

Team on the top (myself Peter Prevec, photographer Predrag Vučković, diver Orlando Duque, cameraman Domen Smerdel and climber)

2010-07-07 Cliff Search Neretva IMG_1462.jpg

Domen in position

2010-07-07 Cliff Search Neretva IMG_1464.jpg

The crane is positioned on the edge of the cliff

2010-07-07 Cliff Search Neretva IMG_1465.jpg

The monopod was Super Clamped to the tripod head, the counterbalance was made of Manfrotto SkyHook, The Pod sandbag and 12V lead battery

2010-07-07 Cliff Search Neretva IMG_1466.jpg

Canon 5D MkII on the crane with diver and buoy beneath

Orlando Duque and Lorens Listo from Mostarja did only seven jumps (Orlando five) one of them together so we finished quickly. The next day we did a teaser for the ed Bull Cliff Diving Activation Neretva long clip.

Red Bull Cliff Diving Activation Neretva, Bosnia and Hercegovina

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