We arrived in Sarajevo little after midnight yesterday (July 6th, it was actually the day before, but I didn’t have time to write this post) to record Red Bull Cliff Diving Expedition on river Neretva. This was our third cooperation with world known diver Orlando Duque. We met for the first time in Albania at Red Bull Cliff Search 2008 and then the year after at Red Bull Cliff Diving Exhibition Mostar 2009 (there is no translation for this two posts).

After two hours of sleep we went south to river Neretva, where we put all our equipment in waterproof bags, dressed neoprene suits and rubber boots and went with cars up stream where we boarded the rafts.

2010-07-07 Cliff Search Bosna IMG_1328.jpg

Three rafts and Red Bull bouy

We stopped at two locations in the canyon where Orlando jumped. We could climb with him to the top at the first location. The day was hot and this made climbing in neoprene suit and rubber boots very hard and uncomfortable. The water was ice cold and so we needed the suits.

2010-07-07 Cliff Search Bosna IMG_1331.jpg

The crew on river Neretva

2010-07-07 Cliff Search Bosna IMG_1332.jpg

Red Bull buoy was trailing along

2010-07-07 Cliff Search Bosna IMG_1336.jpg

Orlando Duques first jump

2010-07-07 Cliff Search Neretva IMG_1361.jpg

Rafts ready for action

2010-07-07 Cliff Search Neretva IMG_1363.jpg

Jump sequence

2010-07-07 Cliff Search Neretva IMG_1364.jpg

Predrag Vučković in his underwater phase

After we filmed the first location we went on. Rafting the white waters was phenomenal. I thought that it would be scarier, but it was enough adrenaline for the first time.

2010-07-07 Cliff Search Neretva IMG_1365.jpg

Every raft carried six people

2010-07-07 Cliff Search Neretva IMG_1366.jpg

Beautiful river Neretva

2010-07-07 Cliff Search Neretva IMG_1367.jpg

They must had great time filming The Battle of Neretva (

2010-07-07 Cliff Search Neretva IMG_1368.jpg

Waterfalls in the middle of the river

Second location had very difficult access. The climbers had to put ladders and a small platform for jump to happen. In the mean time we grilled some čevapčiči.

2010-07-07 Cliff Search Neretva IMG_1370.jpg

Skipper and his čevapđinica (traditional Bosnian eating place)

2010-07-07 Cliff Search Bosna IMG_1345.jpg

After a whole day of wearing wet neoprene boots

2010-07-07 Cliff Search Neretva IMG_1369.jpg

God rays

Then we went to our positions and started shooting some jumps.

2010-07-07 Cliff Search Neretva IMG_1372.jpg

Domen climbing to the top

2010-07-07 Cliff Search Neretva IMG_1374.jpg

Glidetrack, The Pod sandbag, Manfrotto Modo tripod and Canon 5D MkII

2010-07-07 Cliff Search Neretva IMG_1375.jpg

Looking at the viewfinder

2010-07-07 Cliff Search Bosna IMG_1349.jpg

Stone Crayfish (Austropotamobius torrentium) - the one in front

2010-07-07 Cliff Search Neretva IMG_1373.jpg

Last location

The weather went bad. The water was cold and the divers stopped jumping. We put down the equipment and went to the base where we changed clothes.

2010-07-07 Cliff Search Bosna IMG_1356.jpg

White waters of Neretva


GPS locations of the trip

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