iPhone 3GS

Finally I got the new iPhone 3GS. New for me that is, because the model it self is 7 months old. Anyway. New toy for me. The old one died of heavy use. I had a hard time buying it it because I had to got to Trieste to get it. And because the stores are not open on Mondays in Trieste. And because I found out about it on Tuesday. You still can’t get iPhone in Slovenia. But let us leave the shopping for a moment (If you see me on the street stop me and I will tell you all about it) and lets focus on the new functions of the iPhone 3GS.

iPhone 3GS, finally in my hands

First one is the new camera with higher resolution, autofocus, automatic exposure adjustment and video mode. Higher resolution (1536×2048 or 3 mega pixels or 2K) enables print sizes up to 6.82” x 5.12”. Autofocus can now focus to distances as close as few inches. No more out of focus business cards or other post it notes in Evernote or JotNot application. I can also scan bar codes now and do other kind of close-up photography. Video mode in combination with ReelDirector app allows simple video editing on the iPhone and that is another function besides photo editing that I don’t need computer for doing it any more. But the real gem is automatic exposure adjustment. I can set the exposure with touching the screen in photo mode. With application Pro HDR I can then make two photos, one adjusted for the bright parts and one for the dark parts. The app the combines then and make one photo with high dynamic range.

High dynamic range image 1 (I used Pro HDR and Cross Process for editing this photo)

High dynamic range image 2 (I used Pro HDR and Cross Process for editing this photo)

High dynamic range image 3 (I used Pro HDR and Cross Process for editing this photo)

The second function is speed. S stands for speed. Not just the speed of the phone with faster processor that can make launching and using the apps faster, but also data connection speed (my previous phone was original iPhone with EDGE connection) which is faster with 3G connection.

The third function is GPS which allows the use of many apps which use location data. Since I got the phone a few weeks back I bought in car navigation application Navigon Europe with maps of the whole Europe. I also bought dash board holder and car charger for the car. I also started to use app RunKeeper to track my fitness activities as  are running, cycling, skiing and more.

Nosilec za iPhone za v avto

The last function which expands the functionality of the phone is its legality. I bought unlocked phone and I can upgrade it as soon as Apple puts out software upgrades. I can also use Push services, which allow me to receive messages from different application even when I don’t have them open on the phone. For instance I can be connected to various chat services like GTalk, Skype, Facebook, AIM and more with IM+  app and when somebody sends me a message the phone alerts me to that so that I  can open the application to reply to the message.

Push on iPhone 3GS

It was not easy yo pay 719€ (976$) for the new iPhone 3GS 32 GB but after a few week of usage I can say that I am not sorry. With this purchase I added to my collection of gadgets the most useful one.

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Update: I change all mentions of iPhone 3G S to iPhone 3GS as Apple did four days after the launch. More about it in this article.