The new Final Cut Studio

Yesterday afternoon (Sept 4th) not much before 4pm I finally received a call from my distributer that my version of the new Final Cut Studio has arrived. Because the clock already chimed the end of work, we decided that I pick my copy at his home. After I got the DVDs I immediately departed for Linz to attend Ars Electronica. I wanted to get there as soon as I could so that I could catch some of friday night events. Unfortunately there was heavy traffic on the road and so it happened that we stopped on the highway on a red traffic light in front of Tauern and Katschberg tunnels. That is why I decided that I take the mandatory product photos in the middle of a traffic jam. Luckily I had lots of equipment with me as I want to record a lot of video material at the festival.

Predno sem ugotovil, da čakam na rdeči luči na avtocesti

Before I found out that I am standing in front of a red light (©2009 Peter Prevec)

Posnetek med vožnjo... če verjameš!

Taking pictures while driving... if you believe! (©2009 Peter Prevec)

Koloni vozil ni bilo videti konca!

There was no end! (©2009 Peter Prevec)