Kiss me, miss! – invitation

I met with Tjaša Kokalj, Miss Universe Slovenia 2007, on thursday (12.3.) to take a photograph for her invitation to the signing of her new book Poljubi me, miss! (Kiss me, miss!) which will take place in april. We pick Hotel Bellevue for the location, where they already took the cover photo, by some other photographer (Aleš Bravničar) on the request of her sponsors.


White rose splattered with blood on the floor of Hotel Bellevue.

The book is a crime story, so we decided to take a gloomy photo. White rose splattered in blood in the middle of some old decaying hotel.


Lowest angle possible.

The session went on pretty fast. We have already picked the room. We wanted the lowest angle possible so I put my Nikon D200 with Nikkor 17-35mm f/2.8D on the floor.

When we found the position of the camera and the rose, we splattered it with diluted red nail polish to make it look like it was splattered in blood. We pour the rest of the nail polish under the flower for the pool of blood. Tjaša hold the round reflector for fill light.


Miss Universe assisting the photographer.

Contrast ratio between inside and outside was pretty high, but I did not want to have no details in the windows (whites), so I made a series of bracketed exposures separated by 1EV (exposure value). Then I made a HDRI (high dynamic range image) and while converting it back to 8-bit image retained details in the highlights. (You don’t know how much easier is to write technical stuff in english than in my native Slovenian language and wrestle with translation of the technical terms.)

As always I will post final image later when we will send the invitations so I don’t spoil the surprise.