All is white – Kranjska Gora Live!

I get up and slowly start to prepare myself and equipment. I know that we will not leave at 0800 as planned.

With hour and a half delay we finally leave Ljubljana. We plan to go to Kranjska Gora to test Canon 5D Mark II shooting Marko Grilc and Bine Žalohar jumping at Funpark.

1059 I was the designated driver..

We arrive on location. Problems with parking. Crowds everywhere. Weather is terrible. It snows. We can’t see a thing. All is white. I wonder what attracts people out on a day like this?

1158 Well, photo is more grey than white,, but believe me. All was white. iPhone is not good at making pictures of snow.

We do some reckies on location. Hmmm… maybe we can shoot some nice videos here. We unload the cards in camera and preparing equipment for transport..

1251 Funpark rules.

1255 Weather forecast.


1310 Domen with Sony PMW-EX1, Samo and Canon 5D Mark II, loaned by Foto Format under Nebotičnik, lens 16-35 f/2.8, loaned by Samo Vidic from Bled and Cokin graduated filters.


1316 Domen CSI Kranjska Gora.

Fisheye and falling snow doesn’t go well together. I had to clean the front lens element all the time. Water drops were all over. Unfortunately I had not have my umbrella with me as I did in Albania (in Slovenian Language). 


1414 Fisheye and falling snow - bad combo.

I gave Samo the camera so he can follow them on the snowboard. I am cold. Boys are driving over the rails. Soon the session in the park will be over.

1447 Samo is following Marko Grilc on board.

We are finished. I hope that this means lunch time. Latter on we do some tests in the dark (or so I thought).

1454 Enough for today.

1509 We just need to get to the cars.


1510 Live reporting! (© 2009 Samo Premrn)

1519 Backpack on the back and here we go down.

Pizza Kotnik. Finally warm and dry. Pizza Kras without prosciutto. Strange. And there is a elevator to the toilet.

1542 Toilet elevator. Royal style.

1544 Ground level - restaurant, basement - toilet.

1618 Pizza Kras prosciutto and with sour creme. At least it had bacon.

Pizza place was actually called Pino and the hotel next to it was Kotnik. And now via Ljubljana. I hope that we go straight home, cause I’m f*****. At the restaurant I made some photos with Canon 5D Mark II at ISO 1600.


1609 Watching dailies (Bine Žalohar, Marko Grilc)


1611 Bine Žalohar in deep thoughts


1611 Marko Grilc - heavy head or thumbs up

Finally at home. As I was driving home I found Pink Floyd CD in the car. That really made driving being exhausted a lot pleasurable.

1817 Midomi told me what was the album name.

1738 Al the way I had to be careful so the fuel consumption was not too high so I was driving as a senior citizen.

1809 I will clean up tomorrow when everything will be dry.

Thanks everyone for watching this “live” event. Now I just have to edit this post a bit and add some more photos.