Driving Directions!

From September 26 it is possible to translate between 35 languages including Slovenian at Google Language Tools. Our turn on localization of big companies services has finally come.

But this is not the only news (if I can say it is news regarding the date) that surprised me yesterday (Nov 28). For quite some time I am pissed that Slovenia is not supported enough on Google Maps. Especially on the iPhone. You can see streets on the map, but if you try to search for the same street, you don’t get any results. Driving directions also didn’t work. And then they updated the firmware to 2.2 One of the enhancements to maps was display address of dropped Pins. So I said to try it out.

I Drop a Pin. It works. Idrijska ulica. So I try also driving directions. I insert both addresses and press Route… it works again. I can’t believe it. Even walking directions which are as you would imagine different that driving ones work. I don’t know whose blame it is for directions to work. Update for the iPhone or has Google finally started processing Slovenia. 

Drop Pin

Service is not perfect yet and has some problems with house numbers. Than means that if it can not find the number of the house, it selects the middle of the street for its location. And that can mean a difference of a few kilometers with a long street as Zaloška is. But I won’t complain over progress, though somewhat slow. 

Driving or walking directions

P.s.: Until now I haven’t written anything about iPhone apps, because I think that all those three that read this blog on Safari on iPhone know the news about it. But if there are more of you, please let me know and write it down below in the commentaries and I will add more posts intended for users of Apple phone.