Scary telephone call!

You won’t believe, what happened to me last week. I was alone at work. My phone rings.

Blocked. Unknovn number.

I answer the phone.

Me: Yes please.

Caller: Hello!

I thought it was my friend so I answer him.

Me: Hello!

Caller: Hello!

Me: Hello!

Caller: Hello!

I kind of figured that it wasn’t my friend, but some strange computer voice. And than he says…

Caller: Who are you?

I quickly started recording on my computer. I fooled around with the voice a bit, but had to leave the room for a bit. I left the recording on. This was what it sounded like.

Recording of a scary telephone call

0:02.50 strange noise

0:12.00 Who are you?

0:19.50 Where are you? ?!?

0:31.20 What is your name?

0:35.20 Hello!

0:36.50 Your name?

0:38.00 Hello!

0:40.00 What is your name?

0:41.60 Hello!

0:46.00 What is your name?

0:49.30 Hello!

0:52.30 What is your name?

0:59.00 What is your name?

1:09.50 You have ***** ?!?

1:16.80 Love your ***** ?!?

1:20.70 Love your ***** ?!?

1:26.30 Thank you ****** ?!?

1:30.00 Fucking ***** ?!?

1:43.40 You have ***** ?!?

1:46.00 You have ***** ?!?

1:56.50 You’re awful! ?!?

1:59.50 You’re awful! ?!?

2:03.10 tu, tut, tu

After that I got two more  calls from blocked numbers. I didn’t have time the first time. The second time I was unavailable and I got the message from the service provider that I got the call from unknown number.

Message from the service provider!

When I later thought about what happened to me I got two ideas. There is a chance that somebody was fooling with me and he talked through voice modifier. I thought of that idea because his questions were more frequent when I talked with him. But his questions were spread apart far to equally, like it was programmed.

The second theory is automatic data acquiring. Computer calls some random numbers and asks the questions. It records the whole conversation. Who are you? Where are you? What is your name?

Has anybody got that kind of call before? If you can transcript some more sense from the recording please let me know. 

Scary huh?