Stephen Fry is following me on Twitter!

Today (Oct 29) I got a mail that said:


Stephen Fry is now following you on Twitter!

Stephen Fry is now following you on Twitter!

The thing is, that I started following him few days before and he has probably the habit of following anybody that follows him. But nevertheless it was a big deal for me. 

I appreciate Mr. Fry as an actor and a tech columnist and I read his blog @ as frequent as time allows it (it is in his nature to  write long posts and so you have to take your time to read them). He is the first celebrity to follow me.

Until this time, my updates on Twitter weren’t that frequent. I was also thinking about the language of updates. Should they be in English (for the whole world to read) or would it be simpler to write in my native language, Slovenian. I really don’t follow anybody from Slovenia and I don’t have any friends that would use this service.

But being followed by Mr. Fry convinced me. I will write in English. And not only that. Starting this day, I will translate every post on my blog @ (it talks about my life as videographer) and post them on this parallel blog.

So thanks again Stephen Fry for making my day.

You can follow him on Twitter @ and me @